Air Kiss

Film, FullHD, ap­prox. du­ra­tion 40 min., 2017


Air Kiss was started as part of the Strelka In­sti­tute for Me­dia, Ar­chi­tec­ture & De­sign Post­grad­u­ate Pro­gramme 'The New Nor­mal'

Egor Kraft
Di­rec­tion, script, cin­e­matog­ra­phy, cam­era A, pro­duc­tion, edit­ing, voice

Pekka Tynkky­nen
Di­rec­tion, script, sound­track, cam­era B

Alina Kvirkveliya
Vi­sual ef­fects, aer­ial shoot­ing, di­rec­tion, voice, cast­ing

Ka­rina Gol­ubenko
Re­search, ed­i­to­r­ial, script, sub­ti­tles

Air Kiss is a film and web based project portraying a scenario where citizenship is a digital membership – and ownership – to a collectivized system in which governance is done by AI. The project explores the social, political and aesthetic repercussions of algorithmic decision-making executed based on citizens’ location and behaviour. It takes a critical standpoint towards a future society –neither a dystopia nor a utopia– where state and corporate governance is rendered obsolete through collectively owned and globally distributed neural networks which provide state functions as virtual services.

It receives requests, predicts, suggests and decides on infrastructure, production and resources and has reached such an endpoint of governance as to actually be a psychotherapist – or inner voice – to its citizens. The film is a series of vignettes into a speculative future of ubiquitous computation, looking at it through the subjective lenses of citizens, objects and AI. It speaks in a poetic language while pondering upon political and philosophical questions of humans and technologies.