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06 Sep 2018

New marble frieze as part of Content Aware Studies on view at ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany. It reveals bizarre interpretations by AI of what Telephos Frieze, a masterpiece of Hellenistic era, should look like when fragments are not missing. (at ZKM Karlsruhe)

05 Sep 2018

While i’m installing a piece for Ars Electronica, opening tomorrow. New works from Content Aware Studies series, are on view in ZKM, Karlsruhe. In this work Machine learning algorithm (AI) reconstructs missing fragment of Antique Marble Portraits. The sculpture is produced in marble represeting actually existing fragment of the head and printed in polyamide missing fragment suggested by AI and based on the analysis of thousands of marble portraits of classical antiquity. Produced in collaboration with @matthew_lenkiewicz and helpful support from @aiculedssul @ira_dolgaya @alexanderletcius and Anna Demidova. (at ZKM Karlsruhe)

02 Sep 2018

3 new marble and polyamide sculptures and 2 channel video installation reveal bizarre interpretations of classical antiquity by AI, trained on especially collected dataset consisting of nearly 10 000 3d scans of sculptures of that era. Currently on view at ZKM, Karlsruhe as part of brilliant show Open Codes. The work has been produced in deep collaboration and support from Matthew Lenkiewicz, Artem Konevskih, Ira Dolgaya, Alekasnder Letcius, Anna Demidova. Special thanks goes to curators Peter Weibel and Yasemin Keskintepe. (at ZKM Karlsruhe)

24 Jul 2018

Public security in the age of Algorithmic control. Some of the very first computational apparatuses in Polytechnic Museum Moscow, where I’m currently showing a revisited installation “I Print Therefore I Am”. (at Moscow, Russia)

10 Jul 2018

giving by an artist talk today at Proun Moscow. Выступаю с артист толком сегодня в рамках образовательной программы Проун в Москве (at Proun Moscow)

09 Jul 2018

Content Aware Studies on view at Hermitage Museum as part of Innovation as a Method group show. CAS, marble, polyamide 3d print, two-chamlnnel video installation. Produced in collaboration with Matthew Lenkiewicz. (at Hermitage, St Petersburg Russia)

02 Jul 2018

Content Aware Studies CAS_04 / Parthenon_South_XI_31; Carrera Marble; 120x95cm. As part of the “Innovation / Artistic Medium Show” in Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg. In this work Machine learning algorithm (AI) reconstructed the fragment missing between the two plates of Parthenon Frieze (originally displayed in Brittish Museum) based on the analysis of dataset developed for the project that included other fragments of the frieze.

01 Jul 2018

Yesterday’s artist talk in hometown @ Ochta-lab, St. Petersburg (at Ochta-tsentr)

25 Jun 2018

‘Absurdity at it’s finest’ & 'An expert at trolling…’
– Here’s an interview I did with Metal Magazine, featuring some recent pieces.
(at Vienna, Austria)

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